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In-Video Impressions

We are passionate about digital advertising.  We love to help artists and creators with audience data. We are IVI. 

Creators and artists work hard to build an audience.  Brands hope to target these audiences.  We bring them together.

Our Vision

We figure out exactly who brands should target with ads. We do this by figuring out what videos people watch and combining that with demographic information.


Our proprietary technology and processes leverage video pixels and a deep understanding of video ad platforms to deliver actionable audience data.

Who are we
How it works

Our Audiences

Our affinities are diverse and numerous, covering audiences in areas such as technology, food, yoga, travel, and sports.


We have access to videos that have over 5 billion views and 55 million monthly viewers. Our portfolio is growing quickly.  


Some of our Happy Customers

We help America's most famous basketball team better engage with their fans in India by 2.4x.

We ensure ads from a Fortune 15 tech company are watched by improving the view rate by 3.7x..

We help the world's largest Yoga Mat provider sell more mats by increasing the Click Through Rate's 5.1x.




Audience Size (millions)
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How it works

IVI unique data

Through our network of creators and rights managers, we have access to the most robust set of video viewing audiences in the world.

IVI maps viewers of videos, filters for demographics, and creates custom audience lists for viewers on YouTube, Facebook, owned webpages/apps, and other platforms.

IVI custom audiences
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