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Data Specialists

We  help artists and creators monetize their viewership audiences.
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Audience Data Monetization

Artists work tirelessly to build an audience.  We help these artists and their rights management partners monetize viewership data & “Retargeting Rights” from YouTube & Facebook.  IVI creates audience lists for brands and event promoters who can target video viewers with digital ads.


Our proprietary technology and processes leverage video pixels and a deep understanding of video ad platforms to deliver actionable audience data.

Platform Integrations

With one-click “Read-Only” access, we integrate directly with your YouTube channel and Facebook page to track viewers of your digital video content & create deterministic lists of user IDs.

Monetize Your Audiences

Brands, ad agencies, live event promoters and ticket exchanges want to understand your video viewers—especially to identify viewers of branded content.  Viewer audiences are ideal for digital ads about upcoming events & concerts.   

"View-To-Purchase" Insights

Did viewers of your branded content convert with clicks or a purchase? Can you bid-boost on these viewer's searches to move them through the funnel? Now you'll know.

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